Purchases are orders made by customers and the records associated with the orders. To view information related to a customer's purchase, use the Purchase viewer. Purchases are automatically assigned statuses by the Cleverbridge platform. The status of a purchase describes what state the purchase is in, such as quote, refund, and paid.

View Purchases

To view a purchase using the Purchase viewer in Commerce Assistant (CA), complete the following:

  1. In the main menu, select Transactions > Purchases. The Purchases search opens.
  2. Search for the purchase you want to view.
  3. Select the purchase line item in the search results.
  4. Double-click the line item to open it. The purchase opens. If you'd like to view multiple purchases simultaneously, press and hold the CTRL key while clicking multiple purchases.


You can use our web admin tool to look for purchases and their related customers. For more information, see Customers > Search for a Purchase.

Purchase Viewer

Use the purchase viewer to view transactional records related to customer orders. The features in the Purchase viewer display according to the type of product and according to the status of the order. For example, if the product is a subscription product, a subscription billing tab displays. If the order status is paid, a payment log tab displays. Also, your account setup configuration determines which features are available in the Purchase viewer.

The Purchase viewer in the Commerce Assistant (CA) contains an action bar at the top, and four functional areas that organize relevant information about a purchase.


You can use our web admin tool to view purchases and all related transactions. For more information, see Customers > Purchase Viewer.

Action Bar

The action bar is context sensitive and displays options based on your user privileges and the status of the purchase. The most common options available are shown below.

Action Description
Add Follow-Up Add a follow-up for the purchase.

Refresh the Purchase viewer to reload the page.

Purchase Viewer Areas

The Purchase viewer has four main areas that organize data about the purchase. You can find each of the four areas in the image below.

purchase viewer overview

The numbers correspond with the following areas: