Offer Self-Service Solutions to Subscription Customers


This is legacy documentation. Cleverbridge offers a new Subscription Management Portal available for Subscription Management 2.0. For more information, see Subscription Management Portal.


You can filter the content on this page by subscription management version. For more information, see Subscription Management 1.0 and 2.0. If you are unsure which version you are on, contact Client Experience.

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Once customers have subscribed to your product(s), you can offer one-click, self-service options that allow them to manage their subscriptions. There are several ways to do this:

Self-Service Solutions

Cleverbridge Customer Emails

If your company does not want to deal with user account management, you can use our email service to allow your customers to self-manage their subscriptions. Cleverbridge regularly serves emails containing unique links to your subscription customers. The links redirect customers to Cleverbridge-hosted pages where they can do the following:

In this basic form of subscription management, Cleverbridge handles all aspects of the customerClosed An individual or business purchasing your product or service by placing an order through Cleverbridge. The customer is the end user of this product, as they are not allowed to resell the purchased products or services. ​ A customer is unique per client. If a customer purchases products or services from two different clients, there are 2 separate records of said customer.​ relationship. See Customer Email Types. After a change is made, notifications will keep you up-to-date. See Notification Types.

Customer Self-Service UI

If you want to provide your customers an all-in-one opportunity to manage their subscriptions, you can offer our out-of-the-box, self-service UI solution. the Cleverbridge Customer Self-Service portal allows customers to do the following:

This is an example of a self-service portal for customers who are subscribed to a plan with a single product:

This is an example of a self-service portal for customers who are subscribed to a plan with more than one product:

When a customer clicks on Manage plan, they are able to cancel single items within the subscription:

For clients on Subscription Management 2.0 Cleverbridge offers Subscription Management Portal. For more details, see Subscription Management Portal.

Build your own Self-Service UI

If your company deals with user account management and wants to take it to the next level, use our APIs to create a Customer Self-Service portal that allows customers to modify their subscriptions. To do so, complete the following:

  1. Determine which options you want to offer to your customers. The following are some sample options you can offer, along with the corresponding REST and GraphQL API functions:

    Customer Option


    View subscription details, including the next billing date

    Endpoint: Get Subscription

    There is only one parameter passed when calling this function, SubscriptionID.

    Query: query.subscription

    Upgrade a subscription or part of a multi-item subscription (immediately or at beginning of next billing interval)

    Endpoint: Update Subscription Item

    More information:

    not available

    Downgrade a subscription or part of a multi-item subscription (at beginning of next billing interval)

    Endpoint: Update Subscription Item

    More information:

    not available

    Increase subscription quantity or volume (immediately or at beginning of next billing interval)

    Endpoint: Update Subscription Item

    More information:

    Increase Subscription Quantity or Volume Immediately

    Increase Subscription Quantity or Volume Effective Next Billing Date

    not available

    PurchaseClosed An order made by a customer and the records associated with it. add-ons for an active subscription (immediately or at beginning of next billing interval)

    Endpoint: Add Subscription Item

    More information:

    not available

    Change the payment methodClosed Describes the actual payment method used by the customer to complete the purchase, for example, Visa, wire transfer, or SEPA Direct Debit. for a subscription

    Endpoint: Get Purchase > ChangePaymentSubscriptionUrl

    More information:

    Query: query.subscription > changePaymentUrl

    Renew a subscription with an automatic or manual renewal type (applied immediately)

    Endpoint: Renew Subscription

    More information: 

    Mutation: mutation.renewSubscription

    Suspend a subscription or cancel part of a multi-item subscription (remove product(s) from future renewals)

    Endpoint: Deactivate Subscription Items

    More information:

    Mutation: mutation.deactivateSubscriptionItem

    Reactivate a subscription or part of a multi-item subscription after it has been suspended

    Endpoint: Reinstate Subscription Items

    More information:

    Turn On Automatic Renewal (Subscription Management 1.0)

    Mutation: mutation.reinstateSubscriptionItem

    Turn on or turn off automatic renewal

    Mutations: mutation.deactivateSubscriptionItem, mutation.reinstateSubscriptionItem

    Mutation: mutation.updateRenewalType

    Change contact information

    Endpoint: Update Contact

    Mutation: mutation.updateContact

    More information:

    View invoices and receipts

    not available

    Query: query.purchaseDocuments

    More information:

  2. Design your Customer Self-Service portal and integrate the corresponding REST or GraphQL API functions.
  3. Make your Customer Self-Service portal easy to find. You could link to the self-service portal from the following sources:
    • Website
    • Subscription communication (signup confirmations, reminders to renew subscriptions, requests to update payment details, etc.)
    • Marketing communication (emails containing special offers, discount codes, etc.)


    The more you communicate with your customers about the options offered in your self-service portal, the more likely they are to renew or upgrade their subscriptions.

Quick Facts about Self-Service Solutions

Self-Service Features Customer Emails Customer Self-Service UI Build Self-Service UI using APIs
Reactivate subscription

Deactivate subscription

Change payment type

Change payment information


View subscription plans and payment schedule


Deactivate and reactivate recurring billing for specific subscription items


Switch their subscription billing configuration from automatic to manual (and vice versa)

Use advanced subscription management features  
Update customer contact information