Basic Steps for Implementing an MVT Campaign

To successfully manage an MVTClosed Multivariate testing (MVT) is a technique for testing two or more different variables in the checkout process to determine which variable creates more revenue or a higher conversion rate. Campaign, complete the following tasks:

Step 1: Decide What to Test

Decide what you should test to optimize the cart. For more information, see What & How to Test.

Step 2: Set Up MVT Campaign

Set up an MVT campaign in the MVT Campaign section. See Step 1: Add an MVT Campaign.

Step 3: Place Display URL on Website

Place the display URL from the MVT campaign on your website.

Step 4: Monitor the Test

During the test, monitor the test results. To help you determine when a candidate becomes statistically significant and should be analyzed, in the MVT campaign portal, there is a candidate ranking visual indicator. Active candidates that are eligible for ranking have stars that display to indicate the success of the candidate. For more information, see the Monitor the Campaign with the Candidate Ranking Stars section of Step 3: Monitor the Campaign.

Step 5: Analyze the Test Results

After the candidate ranking begins (see Step 4 above), you can begin analyzing your data with reports. Detailed test result data can be viewed in:

Business Intelligence

In Business Intelligence, set up custom reports for your campaigns, such as the following:

  • Sales revenue
  • Number of orders
  • Conversion rate
  • Number of sessions


If you use multiple MVT campaigns in the checkout process, you can decide which MVT campaign is recorded as origin of sale. This ensures that revenue and other numbers are accurately attributed to the correct MVT campaign when you generate reports.

Step 6: Select a Winning Candidate

Select the candidate with the best results. This candidate can stay in production as it is set up in the MVT Campaign portal. Deactivate the other candidates by deselecting the check boxes to the left of the candidate names.


When you are optimizing the checkout process and performing multivariate testing, take note of several best practices for achieving the best test results. See Best Practice: Test with MVT Campaigns.