Set Up Subscription Products


Before you use subscription billing in the Commerce Assistant, this functionality must be activated for your account. For more information, contact Client Experience.

The cleverbridge subscription commerce platform manages subscriptions in a similar way to products and services that have a one-time payment model. All subscriptions must be set up in the Commerce Assistant, and you have the following options:


There are two points which you must be aware of when setting up subscriptions in the Commerce Assistant:

  1. Essential Settings: The following are some essential settings that you must configure:
    • Sync next billing date with last payment date – This box must be selected. In case of delinquent payments, the last payment date will be used to keep the intervals between billing events in sync.
    • Recurring Subscription Interval – You must define how much time there should be between billing events.
    • Initial Subscription Interval – You must define the number of months or days until the first billing event that follows the initial purchase. Thereafter, the amount of time set for the Recurring Subscription Interval is used for future billing events.

      subscription subscription options

  2. Customer Checkboxes: By default, customers who purchase a subscription product or service will see a checkbox to confirm that they agree to pay the renewal charges. Customers must check this box before they can complete their purchase (see the example below). If you have questions about these confirmation options, contact Client Experience.

    subscription checkbox

For more information about the set-up options in the Commerce Assistant, see Set Up Subscription Products.