Increase the Cart Value

You can increase the cart value by implementing the following:

Recommend Additional Products

You can increase the cart value by offering additional products to customers at the time of purchase. These add-ons are important because they allow you to increase the number of products purchased or offer more expensive products.

In the Cleverbridge platform, you can offer these types of recommendations:

  • Cross-sell
  • Sub-sell
  • Up-sell

For more information, see Manage Recommendations.

Offer Backup CDs and DVDs

You can offer backup CD or DVD delivery to your customers as a good way to increase the cart value. There are a few ways you can set this up as a recommendation, depending on the products and what your goals are.


Starting December 2022, Cleverbridge no longer offers on-demand backup CD, DVD, or USB drive production through our offices. You can still offer Backup CDs/ DVDs as long as you take care of shipping those products.

As a Sub-Sell

If you want to sell one CD or DVD per product, then set up a sub-sell. You may create more revenue with this option, but be aware customers may not be as willing to buy.


A customer purchases three products and you offer a backup CD as a sub-sell. The system creates a disc for each product. This is best for when your product’s .exe file is very large, as it's likely only one product will fit on a disc.

As a Cross-Sell

If you want to sell one CD or DVD for all products in the cart, then set up a cross-sell. Customers may be more willing to buy a backup CD with this option.


A customer purchases three products and you offer a backup CD as a cross-sell. The system creates one disc with all three products included.

For more information, see Offer Backup CDs/DVDs.

Use Product Selections

Use product selections in the Subscription Commerce Manager, our web admin tool, as a way for customers to choose between different options for a product in the cart, such as versions, subscriptions, or licenses. Product selections are also used to create a product variation in the Commerce Assistant.

For more information, see Show Product Suggestions

Offer Volume Discounts

You can offer volume discounts to your customers as a way of increasing cart value. When customers receive discounts with a higher quantity of products, they are likely to purchase more. You can set up volume discounts in the Base Price section of the Product portal of the Commerce Assistant and the Products > Pricing section of the Subscription Commerce Manager.


After you’ve created ways to increase the cart value, perform multivariate testing to test the market and analyze which options work best.


The above information contains general suggestions. Not all scenarios are appropriate for all clients. For information tailored to your business needs, contact Client Experience.

Use Selections

Use Selections and motivate customers to make smart purchases while you increase your AOV. By highlighting different subscription plans as well as competitive product versions in the cart, your customers get to choose between the highest-performing products and the most adequate plans.

Offer Plan Selection

Use a plan selection to convince customers to buy a longer running subscription, which in turn will grow your customers’ lifetime value and at the same time help reduce customer churn.

The Plan Selection is a pick list that helps your customers select the most advantageous subscription offer, which helps decrease the risk of churn significantly as customers receive the best value for their purchase.


In the following cart, the customer selects a 3-year subscription with the highest discounted price instead of the pricier 1-year and discounted 2-year subscription.

For a specific use case, see Set Up Multiple Plans for a Product.

Offer Product Selection

Use a product selection to convince customers to buy a different version of the same product, which in turn will help you up-sell your products and increase your average order value.

The Product Selection is a pick list that helps your customers select the most advantageous product version offer. This can be interesting if you sell different packages of the same product and you wish to up-sell the customer.


The example below shows a customer choosing between the basic, basic extended, and professional version of a product. The customer selects the professional version, which comes with a higher value of more extended features than the initially chosen basic version of the product. Discounts can be used to incentivize the professional version further.

For a specific use case, see Add Different Versions for a Product.