Input for created promotion. A promotion is a price discount, such as a specified percentage or amount of money off of the regular product price.

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  • input CreatePromotionInput {
  • # Unique ID of the client who offers the promoted product for sale.
  • clientId: Int!
  • # Name of the promotion.
  • name: String!
  • # First date and time in which the promotion is valid.
  • validFrom: DateTime
  • # Last date and time in which the promotion is valid.
  • validTo: DateTime
  • # Set to true if the promotion should be active.
  • isActive: Boolean!
  • # Options to limit the discount and to specify a pricing model.
  • discount: CreatePromotionPriceSettingsInput!
  • # To credit an affiliate for every purchase made with a coupon from this
  • # promotion, enter that affiliate's ID number. Use this for affiliates who
  • # distribute coupons through mailings, print media, and so on.
  • affiliateId: Int
  • # List of promoted products.
  • productList: PromotionProductListInput
  • # Coupon settings.
  • couponSettings: PromotionCouponSettingsInput
  • # List of price configurations that limit the promotion.
  • priceConfigurationList: PriceConfigurationListInput
  • # X-parameters for the promotion. X-parameters are components of URLs that are
  • # used to pass information through the checkout process.
  • extraParametersString: String
  • # The type of the promotion.
  • type: PromotionTypeEnum
  • # Minimum number of items in order for the cart level promotion to be applied.
  • minimumDistinctItemCount: Int
  • }

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