Input for update or creation of contact profiles for one or more customer contact types for the given purchase.

link Definition

  • input UpdatePurchaseContactsInput {
  • # Unique ID of the purchase for which contact information is updated.
  • purchaseId: Int!
  • # Person or company that purchases the software or signs up for the subscription.
  • # Contact information used for communication about payments.
  • billingContact: ContactInput
  • # Person or company to whom the software or service is delivered. Contact
  • # information used for physical shipments, electronic delivery, and communication
  • # concerning the delivery of licensing information.
  • deliveryContact: ContactInput
  • # Person or company that the software license is registered to. Contact
  • # information used for the generation of licensing information.
  • licenseeContact: ContactInput
  • # Determines whether or not to synchronise contact data of related customer
  • # profile as well.
  • syncCustomerContacts: Boolean
  • }

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