Product characteristic for offering product variations in the cart, such as version, language, or license period. One product characteristic contains the different options for a product from which the customer can choose.

link Definition

  • type ProductCharacteristic {
  • # Unique ID of the product characteristic.
  • id: Int!
  • # Client to whose product inventory the product characteristic belongs.
  • client: Client
  • # Determines how the options for the product characteristic display in the cart.
  • controlType: ControlType!
  • # Date and time when the product characteristic was created.
  • creationDate: DateTime!
  • # User who created the product characteristic.
  • createdBy: UserAccount!
  • # Text element to display as the header in the cart when the product
  • # characteristic is a separate column in the cart.
  • headerTextElement: TextElement
  • # Date and time when the last edit occurred.
  • lastModifyDate: DateTime!
  • # User who last edited the product characteristic.
  • lastModifiedBy: UserAccount!
  • # Internal name of the product characteristic.
  • name: String!
  • # Options of the product characteristic.
  • options: [ProductCharacteristicOption]!
  • }