Input for region configuration update. A region is an area of the world you specify for shipping configurations, price configurations, marketing campaigns, and reporting of your products.

link Definition

  • input UpdateRegionConfigurationInput {
  • # Unique ID of the region configuration.
  • id: Int!
  • # Name of the region configuration.
  • name: String
  • # List type of the region configuration.
  • listType: ListTypeEnum
  • # List of country IDs within the region configuration.
  • countryIds: [CountryEnum]
  • # List of state IDs within the region of configuration. State ID is a five- or
  • # six-character ID of the customer's country and state based on ISO 3166-2. It is
  • # required for Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Ireland, Japan, the UAE, and the
  • # USA.
  • stateIds: [StateEnum]
  • }

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