Input for coupon code generation.

link Definition

  • input GenerateCouponCodesInput {
  • # The type of characters in the coupon code.
  • characterSet: CouponCodeCharacterSetEnum!
  • # The number of characters after which a dash is to be positioned in the coupon
  • # code. For example, if you enter three, then the dash is positioned after every
  • # three characters: 123-ABC-456-DEF. If you enter four, then the dash is
  • # positioned after every four characters: 1234-ABCD-4567-EFGH.
  • dashPosition: Int
  • # The number of characters to be generated in a coupon code.
  • numberOfCharacters: Int!
  • # Unique ID of the promotion.
  • promotionId: Int
  • # Number of coupon codes to generate for this promotion.
  • quantity: Int!
  • }

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