Input for created recommendation. A recommendation is a sales and marketing technique in which more products are recommended to customers during the checkout process.

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  • input CreateRecommendationInput {
  • # Unique ID of the client who offers the recommended product for sale.
  • clientId: Int!
  • # Unique ID of the client who owns the recommended product.
  • relatedClientId: Int
  • # Recommendation type code.
  • typeId: RecommendationTypeEnum!
  • # Name of the recommendation.
  • name: String!
  • # Set to true if the recommendation should be active.
  • isActive: Boolean!
  • # First date and time in which the recommendation is valid.
  • validFrom: DateTime
  • # Last date and time in which the recommendation is valid.
  • validTo: DateTime
  • # Controls whether or not the recommendation displays in the cart.
  • parameter: RecommendationParameterInput
  • # Options to limit the discount and to specify a pricing model.
  • discount: PriceSettingsInput!
  • # Option type code. Controls how customers are given the choice of purchasing or
  • # not purchasing a cross-sell or a sub-sell.
  • optionTypeId: RecommendationOptionTypeEnum
  • # Position type code. Determines where the recommendation displays in the checkout
  • # process.
  • positionTypeId: RecommendationPositionTypeEnum
  • # Determines how the quantity of the recommendation is adjusted based on the
  • # quantity of the original product it is being recommended with. If not set,
  • # defaults to 'EQUAL'.
  • quantityLimit: RecommendationQuantityLimitInput
  • # List of price configurations that limit the recommendation.
  • priceConfigurationList: PriceConfigurationListInput
  • # Unique ID of the template controlling how the recommendation looks. The template
  • # is designed by either cleverbridge or you.
  • templateId: Int
  • # List of original product IDs. When a customer adds the product to the cart, the
  • # recommendation is triggered.
  • originalProductIds: [Int]
  • # Products that are recommended when the recommendation is triggered.
  • recommendedProducts: [RecommendedProductInput]
  • # Indicates if this recommendation is applied to the original products.
  • applyRecommendationToOriginalProducts: Boolean
  • }

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