Input for protected URL update. Protected URLs are used to control the content of the shopping cart and protect private information, such as product price.

link Definition

  • input UpdateProtectedUrlInput {
  • # Set to true to enable a purchase order without a review. This option is
  • # typically used for reliable B2B customers. When this option is selected,
  • # customers are no longer required to submit their purchase orders by fax, letter
  • # or PDF to cleverbridge before the product is delivered.
  • allowPurchaseOrder: Boolean
  • # Whether the customer can edit the quantity of the product in the cart.
  • allowToChangeCart: Boolean
  • # Set to true to enable Fraud protection. This ensures that suspicious orders are
  • # inspected by the cleverbridge anti-fraud team.
  • enableFraudProtection: Boolean
  • # Unique ID of the protected URL.
  • id: Int!
  • # The internal URL.
  • internalUrl: String
  • # Set to false to deactivate the URL.
  • isActive: Boolean
  • # The external URLs of the items you wish to keep. To add a new Item send "" or
  • # "new".
  • items: [String]
  • # The maximum number of orders for which the link is valid. Only submitted orders
  • # are counted. When the maximum is reached, the link automatically expires and no
  • # more orders are accepted.
  • maxQuantity: Int
  • # Name of the protected URL.
  • name: String
  • # First date and time in which the protected URL is valid.
  • validFrom: DateTime
  • # Last date and time in which the protected URL is valid.
  • validTo: DateTime
  • }

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